This Week in WTF

Maybe I should change the name to "this month in WTF." Apologies for being MIA. Then again, I like to live by a "no apology" rule for things I do on the side that also happen to be public. One doesn't apologies if they don't Tweet enough about what they ate for lunch, right!

For this issue I thought I'd focus on one link/idea rather than a few.

The Pull of Speed the Push of Eventual Sameness

I wrote a full post on this at Medium. You can read it in detail here.

The newsletter version is this: There is a great migration to powerful distribution platforms like Facebook Instant Articles, Medium (the irony isn't lost on me), SnapChat and others.

This rush is good. These platforms provide big audiences.

But along with the rush means playing by their rules. This has been talked about ad-nauseam when it comes to monetizing. It's worthy of discussion, but I'm more interested in the editorial changes that must be made in order to fit into their platforms.

To be successful as a Facebook video publisher you need to follow a certain playbook. The hallmark of this playbook is "text on screen," as often associated with AJ+ and NowThis. That style is being adopted. And soon anyone who uses it will be indistinguishable from another content creator. And that means "eventual sameness."

This sameness isn't necessarily bad for the platform. But it means having no visual differentiator as a publisher. Nothing to make you stand out. That sameness has a push effect. And so the cycle begins again.

Check out the Medium post for more fleshed out thoughts and nuance. And most of all - feel free to respond on Medium. Although, I may not be able to tell the difference between your response and another if they take on the same format ;)